animation for marine industry

An effective development tool for communicating training concepts to seafarers globally,

thus mitigating the challenges of multiple nationalities with language and cultural barriers.

Personal Safety

3D animations permit bringing to life digitally,

personal accidents taking place which cannot be

captured by live video.


Showing The Invisible

3D animations permit a universal convergence of understanding

“Invisible” but real dangers of operations for example static electricity


Recreating Accidents

Real marine casualty case studies developed as 3D animated videos,

provide a valuable insight in to “Operational & Human Element gaps”,

which truly deliver on the objectives of training.


Accessing The Inaccessible

Various locations including internal working mechanisms of machineries

cannot be easily accessed, but can be effectively depicted with 3D animations.


Karco Library

KARCO library was developed in response to the real time needs of our customers

globally. The content for all the videos is being provided by our clients operating hundreds

of vessels, with decades of experience behind them. This ensures that the content

reflects true operational & shipboard requirements.

Learning Management

A unique computer based Learning Management System, which is disruptive

& futuristic, providing an open ended dynamic platform. Implemented

both "On Line" and "Off Line", provides wide range of training methodology

eg. Standard Q&A, Reflective Learning, Resilience Learning, Responsive Learning etc.

Powerful graphic based, analytics assisting the ship manager in evaluating

crew knowledge, trends, management interventions, budgeting etc.

Our Clients

The last decade has seen a steady rise of KARCO client base across all the segments of shipowners/shipmanagers managing thousands of

vessels globally. These include the biggest names of the maritime industry.

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